We recently welcomed Katelyn Cordell for a six week visit.

Katelyn is a fifth year PhD candidate from the University of Southern Mississippi in the United States where she works with Hub international Partner Investigator Professor Jeffrey Wiggins on polymer precursors for carbon fibre.

Katelyn started her visit by attending the Future Fibres Symposium, followed by the Carbon Fibre Futures Conference where she presented her research on understanding the influence of polymer precursor design on carbon fibre morphologies and properties. She then spent the next five weeks working in the Institute for Frontier Materials research laboratories. Katelyn had brought three polymers with her which she had synthesized and now wanted to spin into white and black fibre. With hard work together with A/Prof Joe Razal’s team, they were able to successfully prepare white fibre spun under multiple conditions from the three polymers she brought from USM.

The white fibres were analyzed with help from Carbon Nexus, IFM, and Monash University facilities. Afterwards, the fibres were oxidized and are now undergoing carbonization. From this research, IFM and USM are hoping to publish two papers: the first will cover the white fibre spinning conditions that afforded circular white fibre. The second paper will discuss the morphology and mechanical properties of the oxidized and carbonized fibre.

These are great outcomes from Katelyn’s visit and we hope to see her again in the future.