Hub Director and Deputy Director Xungai and Joe recently visited the US where they met with Hub Partner Investigators, and attended the Fiber Society Conference.

L-R: Joe Razal, David Kaplan, Xungai Wang

Their first stop was Boston where Xungai and Joe met with Hub Partner Investigators Prof David Kaplan at Tufts University and Prof Greg Rutledge at MIT to discuss the Hub and potential paths to enhance collaboration. David is a leading researcher on silk and leads a research lab which has pioneered the study of silk-based biomaterials in regenerative medicine. Greg is a polymer scientist who leads a research group working on nanofibres, electrospinning and the understanding of the properties and processing of polymer materials.

While in Boston Xungai and Joe also visited Prof Yoel Fink, a fibre researcher also based at MIT. Prof Fink’s research interests are in the theory, design, fabrication and characterization of multimaterial, multifunctional fibers and fiber assemblies. He is also the CEO of Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) – an Institute with a mission to transform traditional fibres, yarns and textiles into highly sophisticated integrated and networked devices and systems. Yoel gifted Xungai one of their LOOks backpacks – “The world’s first programmable, digitally connected, mixed reality backpack”. Each backpack has a unique coded fabric structure which the owner can access using an app to share information. Other people can then retrieve this information from the fabric using the LOOks app on their phone.

Xungai and Joe then travelled to California to attend the Fiber Society Fall Conference. Read about the conference here.

L-R: Joe Razal, Xungai Wang, Greg Rutledge