Vision Document

The Hub has developed a Vision Document on fibres materials – their application and potential future research directions. For more information please visit here.

Journal Publications

Hub researchers have published over 160 journal publications across various fibre fields. The full list is below.

Year Title Author(s) Journal Link
2021 Carbon fibre waste recycling into hybrid nonwovens for electromagnetic interference shielding and sound absorption E Pakdel, S Kashi, T Baum, KAS Usman, JM Razal, R Varley, X Wang Journal of Cleaner Production View
2021 Using redox active molecules to build multilayered architecture on carbon fibers and the effect on adhesion in epoxy composites M.K. Stanfield, D.J. Eyckens, J. Medard, P. Decorse, J. Pinson, L.C. Henderson Composites Science and Technology View
2021 Using in situ polymerisation to enhance adhesion of dissimilar materials F. Stojcevski, O. Siddique, G. Meric, J.D. Randall, N.S. Emonson, L.C. Henderson International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives View
2021 Covalent sizing surface modification as a route to improved interfacial adhesion in carbon fibre-epoxy composites D.J. Eyckens, C.L. Arnold, Ž. Simon, T.R. Gengenbach, J. Pinson , Y.A. Wickramasingha, L.C. Henderson Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing View
2020 3D printing of silk powder by binder jetting technique J. Zhang, B.J. Allardyce, R. Rajkhowa, X. Wang, X. Liu Additive Manufacturing View
2020 Waste cotton fabric derived porous carbon containing Fe₃O₄/NiS nanoparticles for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution S. Jiang, H. Shao, G. Cao, H. Li, W. Xu, J. Li, J. Fang, X. Wang Journal of Materials Science and Technology View
2020 Silk protein paper with in situ synthesized silver nanoparticles Y. Liang, B. Tang, A. Sharma, D. Perera, B.J. Allardyce, S. Ghosh, H.C. Schniepp, R. Rajkhowa Macromolecular Bioscience View
2020 Silk and wool protein microparticle-reinforced crystalline polylactic acid biocomposites with improved cell interaction for targeted biomedical applications P. Bhagabati, S.M. Bhasney, D. Bose, R. Remadevi, M. Setty, R. Rajkhowa, V. Katiyar ACS Applied Polymer Materials View
2020 Using molecular entanglement as a strategy to enhance carbon fiber-epoxy composite interfaces D.J. Eyckens, B. Demir, J.D. Randall, T.R. Gengenbach, L. Servinis, T.R. Walsh, L.C. Henderson Composites Science and Technology View
2020 PAN precursor fabrication, applications and thermal stabilization process in carbon fiber production: experimental and mathematical modelling H. Khayyam, R.N. Jazar, S. Nunna, G. Golkarnarenji, K. Badii, S.M. Fakhrhoseini, S. Kumar, M. Naebe Progress in Materials Science View