Vision Document

The Hub has developed a Vision Document on fibres materials – their application and potential future research directions. For more information please visit here.

Journal Publications

Hub researchers have published over 90 journal publications across various fibre fields. The full list is below.

Year Title Author(s) Journal Link
2020 Natural melanin/polyurethane composites as highly efficient near-infrared-photoresponsive shape memory implants W. Xie, F. Yan, E. Pakdel, J. Sharp, D. Liu, X. Wang, S. Zhan, L. Sun ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering View
2020 Tunable biodegradable silk-based memory foams with controlled release of antibiotics L. Chambre, R.N. Parker, B.J. Allardyce, F. Valente, R. Rajkhowa, R.J. Dilley, X.Wang, D.L. Kaplan ACS Applied Bio Materials View
2020 Waste cotton fabric derived porous carbon containing Fe3O4/NiS nanoparticles for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution S. Jiang, H. Shao, G. Cao, H. Li, W. Xu, J. Li, J. Fang, X. Wang Journal of Materials Science and Technology View
2020 Subsurface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization: effect of graft layer thickness and surface morphology on antibiofouling properties against different foulants X. Yu, W. Yang, Y. Yang, X. Wang, X. Liu, F. Zhou, Y. Zhao Journal of Materials Science View
2020 Physicochemical properties of film fabricated from cotton gin trash A.N.M.A Haque, R. Remadevi, X. Wang, M. Naebe Materials Chemistry and Physics View
2020 Biodegradable cotton gin trash/poly(vinyl alcohol) composite plastic: Effect of particle size on physicochemical properties A.N.M.A Haque, R. Remadevi, X. Wang, M. Naebe Powder Technology View
2020 Cellulose beads derived from waste textiles for drug delivery B. Zeng, X. Wang, N. Byrne Polymers View
2020 Upcycling of waste textiles into regenerated cellulose fibres: impact of pretreatments Y. Ma, L. Rosson, X. Wang, N. Byrne The Journal of the Textile Institute View
2020 Perpetual colour: accessing the colourfastness of regenerated cellulose fibres from coloured cotton waste B. Nasri-Nasrabadi, X. Wang, N. Byrne The Journal of the Textile Institute View
2020 Freezing titanium carbide aqueous dispersions for ultra-long-term storage J. Zhang, N. Kong, D. Hegh, K.A.S. Usman, G. Guan, S. Qin, I. Jurewicz, W. Yang, J.M. Razal View