Vision Document

The Hub has developed a Vision Document on fibres materials – their application and potential future research directions. For more information please visit here.

Journal Publications

Hub researchers have published over 90 journal publications across various fibre fields. The full list is below.

Year Title Author(s) Journal Link
2020 Development of a low cost and green microwave assisted approach towards the circular carbon fibre composites O. Zabihi, M. Ahmadi, C. Liu, R. Mahmoodi, Q. Li, M. Naebe Composites Part B: Engineering View
2020 Surface treatment of basalt fiber for use in automotive composites K.V. Balaji, K. Shirvanimoghaddam, G.S. Rajan, A.V. Ellis, M. Naebe Materials Today Chemistry View
2020 2D transition metal dichalcogenide nanomaterials: advances, opportunities, and challenges in multi-functional polymer nanocomposites M. Ahmadi, O. Zabihi, S. Jeon, M. Yoonessi, A. Dasari, S. Ramakrishna, M. Naebe Journal of Materials Chemistry A View
2020 Hierarchically structured porous piezoelectric polymer nanofibers for energy harvesting K.A.M.M. Abolhasani, M. Naebe, M.H. Amiri, K. Shirvanimoghaddam, S. Anwar, J.J. Michels Advanced Science View
2020 The role of β relaxations in determining the compressive properties of an epoxy amine network modified with POSS and mono-functional epoxy resins L.Q. Reyes, S.R. Swan, H. Gan, S.M. Seraji, J. Zhang, R.J. Varley Polymer Testing View
2020 Exfoliating B. mori silk into high aspect ratio nanofibrils facilitated by response surface methodology M.G. Uddin, B.J. Allardyce, D. Rubin De Celis Leal, N. Byrne, X. Wang, W. Batchelor, R. Rajkhowa International Journal of Biological Macromolecules View
2020 Recent progress in recycling carbon fibre reinforced composites and dry carbon fibre wastes E. Pakdel, S. Kashi, R. Varley, X. Wang Resources, Conservation and Recycling View
2020 Spinning regenerated silk fibers with improved toughness by plasticizing with low molecular weight silk Y. Yao, B.J. Allardyce, R. Rajkhowa, C. Guo, X. Mu, D. Hegh, J. Zhang, P. Lynch, X. Wang, D.L. Kaplan, J.M. Razal Biomacromolecules View
2020 Progress in the understanding and applications of the intrinsic reactivity of graphene-based materials Z. Komeily-Nia, L-T. Qu, J-L. Li Small Science View
2020 Coloured powder from coloured textile waste for fabric printing application L. Gan, Z. Xiao, J. Zhang, R. Van Amber, C. Hurren, W. Xu, Y. Wang, X. Wang Cellulose View