Vision Document

The Hub has developed a Vision Document on fibres materials – their application and potential future research directions. For more information please visit here.

Journal Publications

Hub researchers have published over 160 journal publications across various fibre fields. The full list is below.

Year Title Author(s) Journal Link
2021 The effect of drying method on the porosity of regenerated cellulose fibres B Zeng, N Byrne Cellulose View
2021 Optimisation of CFRP composite recycling process based on energy consumption, kinetic behaviour and thermal degradation mechanism of recycled carbon fibre SA Hadigheh, Y Wei, S Kashi Journal of Cleaner Production View
2021 3D printing of silk microparticle reinforced polycaprolactone scaffolds for tissue engineering applications C Vyas, J Zhang, Ø Øvrebø, B Huang, I Roberts, M Setty, B Allardyce, H Haugen, R Rajkhowa, P Bartolo Materials Science and Engineering: C View
2021 Design and implementation of an organic powder printer DJ Whyte, R Rajkhowa, B Allardyce, X Wang, AZ Kouzani Bioprinting View
2021 Coloured powder from coloured textile waste for fabric printing application L Gan, Z Xiao, J Zhang, R Van Amber, C Hurren, W Xu, Y Wang, X Wang Cellulose View
2021 Metal–organic framework structure–property relationships for high-performance multifunctional polymer nanocomposite applications V Unnikrishnan, O Zabihi, M Ahmadi, Q Li, P Blanchard, A Kiziltas, M Naebe Journal of Materials Chemistry A View
2021 The reinforcing role of 2D graphene analogue MoS2 nanosheets in multiscale carbon fibre composites: Improvement of interfacial adhesion M Ahmadi, O Zabihi, R Yadav, MRG Ferdowsi, M Naebe Composites Science and Technology View
2021 α-Aminophosphonate Derivatives for Enhanced Flame Retardant Properties in Epoxy Resin MK Stanfield, J Carrascal, LC Henderson, DJ Eyckens Materials View
2021 Surface modification of carbon fibres using ring-opening metathesis polymerization DJ Hayne, F Stojcevski, DB Knorr Jr, NT Tran, LC Henderson Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing View
2021 A comparison of compression molded and additively manufactured short carbon fiber reinforced polyamide‐6 samples and the effect of different infill printing patterns A Hendlmeier, Ž Simon, YA Wickramasingha, LC Henderson Polymer Composites View