Vision Document

The Hub has developed a Vision Document on fibres materials – their application and potential future research directions. For more information please visit here.

Journal Publications

Hub researchers have published over 50 journal publications across various fibre fields. The full list is below.

Year Title Author(s) Journal Link
2019 Facile solution processing of stable MXene dispersions towards conductive composite fibers S. Seyedin, J. Zhang, K.A.S. Usman, S. Qin, A.M. Glushenkov, E.R.S. Yanzo, R.T. Jones, J.M. Razal Global Challenges View
2019 Understanding the effects of in-service temperature and functional fluid on the ageing of silicone rubber S. Kashi, M. De Souza, S. Al-Assafi, R. Varley Polymers View
2019 Knittable and washable multifunctional MXene-coated cellulose yarns S. Uzun, S. Seyedin, A.L. Stoltzfus, A.S. Levitt, M. Alhabeb, M. Anayee, C.J. Strobel, J.M. Razal, G. Dion, Y. Gogotsi Advanced Functional Materials View
2019 Efficient Bayesian function optimization of evolving material manufacturing processes D. Rubín de Celis Leal, D. Nguyen, P. Vellanki, C. Li, S. Rana, N. Thompson, S. Gupta, K. Pringle, S. Subianto, S. Venkatesh, T. Slezak, M. Height, A. Sutti ACS Omega View
2019 Optimizing a high-entropy system: Software-assisted development of highly hydrophobic surfaces using an amphiphilic polymer S. Subianto, C. Li, D. Rubin de Celis Leal, S. Ranu, S Gupta, R. He, S. Venkatesh, A. Sutti ACS Omega View
2019 Sizing effects on the interfacial shear strength of a carbon fibre reinforced two-component thermoplastic polymer A. Hendlmeier, L.I. Marinovic, S. Al-Assafi, F. Stojcevski, L.C. Henderson Composites Part A View
2019 A conceptual framework for the development of iridium(III) complex-based electrogenerated chemiluminescence labels L. Chen, D.J. Hayne, E.H. Doeven, J. Agugiaro, D.J. Wilson, L.C. Henderson, T.U. Connell, Y.H. Nai, R. Alexander, S. Carrara, C.F. Hogan, P.S. Donnelly, P.S. Francis Chemical Science View
2019 A review on the challenges of 3D printing of organic powders D.J. Whyte, R. Rajkhowa, B. Allardyce, A.Z. Kouzani Bioprinting View
2019 Improved out-of-plane strength and weight reduction using hybrid interface composites F. Stojcevski, D.J. Eyckens, J.D. Randall, L.I. Marinovic, G. Meric, L.C. Henderson Composites Science and Technology View
2019 Silk particles, microfibres and nanofibres: A comparative study of their functions in 3D printing hydrogel scaffolds J. Zhang, B.J. Allardyce, R. Rajkhowa, S. Kalita, R.J. Dilley, X. Wang, X. Liu Materials Science and Engineering: C View