Hub Chief Investigator Dr Chris Hurren has received funding from the Victorian Motorcycle Safety Levy to investigate how a rider’s clothing interacts with a road surface during a crash. This project will use the tow-bar mounted Cambridge type impact abrasion tester to evaluate motorcycle clothing samples on different road surfaces.

Tow-bar mounted Cambridge-type testing system


This project aims to identify poorer performing clothing and higher risk road surfaces. It also aims to provide information on road surface selection for high motorcycle crash risk roads as well as give advice to riders about appropriate clothing for different riding environments.


The project is led by Dr Chris Hurren and Dr Liz de Rome who specialise in fibre science and technology, specifically functional fibrous materials, green natural fibres and motorcycle safety. It builds on the work done by Dr Hurren in the field of protective motorcycle apparel, including alongside Hub Partner Organisation Draggin Jeans, and in the development of the MotoCAP system for testing and rating protective motorcycle clothing.