Motorcyclists represent an increasing proportion of road uses killed (17%) and seriously injured (23%) in Australian road crashes. To help address this problem the Hub was proud to sponsor the 1st Motorcycle Safety Seminar held at Deakin University on Friday 27th October.


Panel of experts answering questions during the seminar

This seminar, co-organised by Hub CI Dr Chris Hurren, brought together experts in a diverse range of fields from textiles and materials science, surgeons and crash investigators and infrastructure experts.

The morning session had presentations from the Australian Motorcycle Council, the Monash University Accident Research Centre, Australian Road Research Board, Deakin School of Medicine and Motorcycle Accident Analysis (USA), giving a greater insight into the causes and imp

acts of motorcycle accidents and some proposed solutions. A workshop was held in the afternoon with diverse groups discussing a case study including causes, contributing factors and the potential for new approaches and technologies to reduce the risk and severity of injuries.

The Hub was proud to support this Seminar, which in combination with our work on improving protective apparel for motorcycle riders, will hopefully contribute to a reduction in motorcycle accidents and injuries.

(Pictured in main picture: Dr Liz de Rome (Deakin), Mr James Ouellet (Motorcycle Accident Analysis, USA), Dr Chris Hurren (Deakin))