Success builds on success…

The first iteration of the ARC – Research Hub for Future Fibres commenced in 2016 and ran for 5 years and had some incredible achievements. 14 Patents were filed, 34 new processes developed, 69 conference presentations were made, and 144 papers were published!

The current Hub leverages our relationships with several of the previous industry Partner Organisations and adds some new ones to the mix. Our world-class research teams have members from over 10 countries and have access to some of the finest fibre research facilities available.

Hub Charter

What is the ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres?

The ARC Research Hub for Future Fibres – the Hub – is located within the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) at the Deakin University – Waurn Ponds campus in Geelong, Victoria.

This is the second iteration of the Hub following on from the success of the first one between 2016-2021. Although rare, the ARC recognised our outstanding results and have committed funding for a second time, which officially started in September of 2022.

The Hub is a collaboration between Deakin University (the Administering Organisation), the Australian Research Council (ARC), select Industry Partners and other stakeholders. Funding is provided by all three key stakeholder groups and is part of the ARC Linkage program, which includes Industrial Transformation Research Hubs and Industrial Transformation Training Centres.

Hub members include:

  • 10 Chief Investigators from the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) at Deakin University
  • 13 Post-doctoral Research Fellows and Research Engineers from the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) at Deakin University
  • 15 Partner Investigators (from 10 Industry Partners)
  • 5 Other Investigators (from other Research Organisations)
  • Up to 9 PhD Students at Deakin University
  • Affiliate Members

The Hub is focused on longer-term research projects that resolve critical industry problems.

The model allows organisations to leverage funding, expertise and world-class facilities that would ordinarily be unavailable to them. Alongside world-class research groups located at the IFM, the Hub accesses equipment, facilities and know-how to deliver high impact, evidence-based solutions to industry partners.

It tackles real-world problems and provides real-world, commercialisable solutions. This is the power of collaboration, which you can read more about in the project partnerships.

The Hub also presents opportunities to train and develop early to mid-career researchers (EMCRs) in their field of expertise, with greater exposure to industry relationships. By co-developing intellectual properties associated with each project, the body of scientific knowledge is advanced alongside commercial interests.

Our PhD students benefit from the unity of purpose across stakeholder interactions. Student work crosses between projects and disciplines to generate exceptional results. They have access to a much larger pool of knowledge provided by the sum of the Hub member parts.

Although the IFM has several groups, there are 2 main ones that provide members to the Hub:

  • The Future Fibres Group (fabrics and textiles)
    • Over 100 members of this group at the IFM
    • Access to IFM facilities and the Future Fibres facility in Deakin NK Building
    • Broad range of experience from fibre production, processing, dyeing and finishing
    • Multiple wet-spin, melt-spin and electro-spinning lines (scalable)
    • Advanced characterisation and research capabilities
  • The Carbon Fibres and Composites Group (including Carbon Nexus)
    • Lab/Bench-scale and pilot-scale carbon fibre production lines
    • Broad range of experience in carbon fibre and composites
    • Deep industry networks
    • Advanced characterisation and research capabilities


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