After compiling information for our 2019 Progress Report we are pleased to share some of the highlights from 2019.

A major highlight was the Hub team winning the 2019 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Industry and Employer Partnerships – it was great to see everyone’s hard work recognised and rewarded. Read the report on this award here.
Last year the Hub had 13 funded staff and 7 PhD students, who worked on 28 collaborative R&D projects with industry partners. This includes 7 in the Short Polymer Fibre research program, 13 in the Carbon Fibre program, and 8 in the High-Value Added Applications program. We also had 25 Associate members working on related fibre projects. Out of these projects we developed 6 new processes, products or equivalent, including new resin systems, new production methods and new formulations.
We’ve been building and strengthening relationships with collaborators welcoming 29 academic visitors to the Hub, and visiting 30 overseas lab or facilities. We’ve also met with 53 industry members. Some of these interactions have already gone on to new research projects or the potential for future collaboration which is great. Hub members also received over $9.5 million in additional funding.

Sharing our research
Our publication rate was high in 2019, with 42 directly relevant articles in journals with an average impact factor of 5.97. You can see this list here. Our research team has been active in non-Hub research too, publishing 90 other articles. We had an active presence at conferences, giving 41 presentations, 21 of which were invited or keynote addresses, and 10 of these open to the public – on a range of topics from motorcycle safety to textile recycling. We also had displays and/or strong audience presence at many conferences, sharing our research, outcomes and knowledge and building connections. Finally, we shared outcomes and perspectives with government and industry through 13 briefings, and had over 9 articles/media on various research aspects.

Alongside our annual Future Fibres Symposium, which attracted over 130 delegates in February 2019 (report here), we also held or sponsored 9 other workshops or events. This included a Hub mini-conference in November, a Bioplastics and Biocomposites workshop in February (report), a materials conference (ICDME/ICONN) in July and a collaborative workshop with another Hub and Training Centre also in July. A key highlight was Hub members organising and co-chairing the prestigious 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials which attracted over 1,500 delegates to Melbourne.

All of these outcomes represent the hard work the Hub team put in over 2019, both in undertaking some great science and research and also in communicating and outreach to the broader academic, industry and general public.